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Awesome Hack Tool For Generating Free Simoleons And Cash In Simcity BuildIt

You have wasted days looking for a hack which actually works, so you can play the SimCity BuildIt as you want it. All of you who did find some results, they ended with error pages, spam websites and with virus infections. Looks like there is no free alternative! Now, you have a choice, a choice that matters. We released the hack in 2017 for the SimCity Build It game and it actually works.

How does it work?

SimCity buildit cheats are implemented into a powerful inject tool, capable of penetrating the protection of the game. However, while doing so, it doesn’t cause damages to the game core nor it leaves any traces that the hack was used. The relation between your account ID and the hack won’t even exist. Thanks to SSL-Level 7 protection, all the communication between our server and the server of the game is encrypted. The end result is the ultimate safety which allows you to use the hack as many times as you want.

New features of the hack

SimCity cheats come in a powerful tool, upgraded frequently. The purpose of the updates is to match the engine of the hack with the engine of the game. In other words, frequent updates are essential for the hack to work. Besides that, you also get:

  • Free cash
  • Free simoleons
  • 100% safety when using the tool
  • Tool is 100% free
  • Available all the time
  • Can be used multiple times

You have added plenty of simoleons, but now you need more? No problem. Simply repeat the procedure and acquire new resources. Again, it is simple and safe.

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User interface for kids and adults

We know how difficult early hack tools and cheats were. Money cheat probably was the hardest of them all. That’s why we developed a tool which doesn’t share the same problem. It is so easy to use that even children age 6 can use it. Believe us, we tried.

Which information do I need?

All you will need to use the hack tool is your account ID. You must remember that the account password won’t be requested from you, ever! It is a personal data, which must stay private. After you entered the ID, enter the amounts of the cash you need and confirm the free money generating.

The result can be seen immediately, just make sure you stay on the tool page until the process is completed. Yu will see the progress bar below the tool. That’s it! Now you have additional money on your account and you are free to use the tool again if you entered a small amount the first time.

Future upgrades

We mentioned that a hack tool must be updated frequently. As such, we will continue upgrading it forever. The goal is to ensure the hack tool is functional as long as the game exists. Each time we upgrade it, we will add a new feature, so stay tuned and always be the first to experience the best additions.

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